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Sunday, August 1, 2010

“Princess in training!” – That’s what I call myself!
Am just a simple girl, born and bred in Hyderabad, a city in South of India which of late has become a hi-tech city. My mom often says – if she treats me like an angel, I’ll be her little devil!! And I just gaze at her thinking… “LOL… Crazy is a relative term in my family! =))”  There are people who feel and say am tender and sensitive and there are people who say I’ve attitude. But I say am just a girl next door.. No more and no less! Someone who has mixed emotions.. I can be way too generous and at the same time throw loads of attitude around for you to handle! Lol.. This isn’t a warning or disclaimer for my readers, but this is just me!! You take back what you give!!  I love teddy bears, chocolates, flowers and music.. My room’s pink!!You might have known by now that am a typical girl who’s still stuck somewhere in the era where I dream of my prince charming coming for me on a white horse!! Yes, he would! Wishes, hopes, expectations and dreams are few things that give us a reason to move on; Don’t they?!? Not a happy go lucky girl who haven’t yet faced cruelty of life.. I have been through thick and thin and I know what life is! Thank you people for spending two minutes of your precious life to know about me!! By the way, that would take just 2 more minutes to roam around my blog and go through my posts!! :)

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